Project Life: Weeks Four, Five and Six

The end of January and beginning of February was full of big events and yet almost nothing compared to the first few weeks of 2013. It took me a while to put these pages together, but my method of keeping a notebook with each week’s spread planned, as well as getting the photos printed at home (or at least organized into my week by week folders on my laptop) relatively soon after the week itself, seems to be making it pretty easy to catch up quickly.

Week Four was our first week as a married couple, and it has lots of journaling, which I know I’ll be glad for one day.
Project Life week 4
I took that picture of Dan in the lobby of the hotel while we were waiting for my family to help us load the car, and it will forever be one of my favorites. His face conveys the blissed-out but completely exhausted feeling of the Day After SO perfectly. I also had to get a shot of our first married dinner of burritos.

Project Life week 4
The right side featured lots more journaling, of Dan’s sister’s 30th birthday party (an 80s party), dinner with my parents, and more. It was crazy how cold it got, and the frosty windshield picture feels that cold. The quote is a lyric from our first dance song, “Just You & Me”.

Week Five felt a little more normal, a little more routine, even as we still had to get used to living normal lives so soon after such a big day.
Project Life week 5
I included a few photos I took for my 52 weeks of no color project, and I really like how the black and white balances out the pops of color. Otherwise, a story of Dan’s wedding ring and a busy week at work.

Project Life week 5 insert
I really loved Ali Edwards’s plan for a Day in the Life once each month in 2013, and jumped on the chance to follow along on the last day of January. I used her 6×12 template to fill in the details of the day. (I think 6×12 inserts might be my favorite ones.)

Project Life week 5 insert
On the back of the insert, I collaged the photos I took that day with both my phone and my real camera. Notable ones include lunch at the dining hall, the crazy self portrait I took to document how windy it was, and the totally bundled up on the couch shot that Dan took. I set the whole insert up as a 12×12 page in Photoshop Elements, and ordered it from Persnickety Prints. I was so amazed at how quickly the print arrived.

Project Life week 5
The right side has lots of brightly colored fun bits from a really fun weekend. On Friday night, we went to two back to back laser light shows at the local planetarium, which was AWESOME. Sunday was the Super Bowl, which we watched with Dan’s brother and his girlfriend. And Bluecat and Penny. Who cooperated quite nicely for photos for my book.

Most of what I remember from Week Six was trying to take more photos during the day (hence the top to photos on the left page), and the hullabaloo about this snowstorm that hit our area.
Project Life week 6
The biggest thing was that some forecasts predicted 20 inches of snow, and others predicted 3-6, and people were going nuts. I was going equally nuts, because we had big events at work during the storm. I’m glad I got the screenshot of the dueling forecasts, for sure. The other big thing was the start of the Name Change Process. It was a big day, and one that had to be documented for posterity. I saved my old license, and love how it looks against the striped paper. (I also have loved that license photo since it was taken when I turned 25, and have been recycling it each time my license renewed since then. I wasn’t allowed to this time, and my new photo is HORRENDOUS.) (See again: why Project Life is so great: a logical and perfectly perfect place to keep my old driver’s license. Because I was keeping it whether I had this scrapbook or not, and I adore the fact that it now has a home.)

Project Life week 6
Saturday of this week was one of the first lazy, totally free Saturdays we’ve had since last summer. The combination of wedding plans, family stuff, and holidays meant that Dan and I didn’t have one single weekend day that was just for us for months straight. So thanks to the snow (which, okay, we got six inches and it was mostly blown away by the time we were up and about) we stayed in most of the day. Dan played his game (and let me take a photo of him doing so), we got Sonic for dinner, we spotted my dad on TV, I crocheted until I realized how badly I’d messed up… and it was pretty spectacular.

I just adore this project.

One thought on “Project Life: Weeks Four, Five and Six

  1. YES. project life is especially awesome for saving things like old driver’s licenses!!

    chris & i got a birth announcement for a friend of his the other day. he looked at it, awww-ed, showed it to me and then said, “now what do i do with it?” i replied, “project life it!” =)

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