Cynthia posted last week with a bunch of ideas for pure fun, and I couldn’t resist, especially since a few of them lined up with things I wanted to do this weekend anyway.

This is the first weekend in a very long time that hasn’t been taken up by packing, moving, unpacking, or otherwise getting settled… and I really, really wanted to take the opportunity to make the most of it. And not in the way that you traditionally think when someone says that they want to make the most of a few days off. I wanted to sleep in, sit on the couch and do nothing, and mostly just take some time to recharge.

On Friday night, while Dan was stuck late at work, I painted my nails, since last week’s manicure was already chipped badly. With Cynthia’s list in my ear, I couldn’t help it… so I painted my nails alternating pink and an orangey coral. Since I couldn’t decide between the two colors anyway.


And I totally love it. Even if it is a little silly.

And then on Saturday, we finally, finally slept in a little bit, and had some bagels from my favorite bagel place that I’ve been hoarding in the freezer, since we still haven’t found a bagel place near our new apartment. We watched Kindergarten Cop (seriously, how did I ever forget how funny that movie is?) and just … sat. And it was wonderful. And then? We walked across the street to the ice cream store, because we haven’t tried it yet and holy crap it’s within WALKING distance. We both got ice cream cones, just because we could, something that you really can’t do when you’re driving to and from the ice cream store. And that was pretty wonderful, too.

pure summer

And then we drove down to Seaside for a friend’s birthday dinner, where much beer was consumed, and we even escaped before the Jersey Shore-ish crowds gathered on the dance floor.

Sunday included more sleeping, and then I made huevos rancheros for Dan for the first time. He’s a convert. We spent the afternoon on the couch; Dan played xbox while I caught up on my archives project, and then we watched the Mets for a while. Then! We had ice cream and fresh fruit, and watched movies and more movies.


I even hung my Es, which is super, super happy.

18.365 :: thirteen

We found a tasty local Thai restaurant for dinner, and rounded the weekend up with more couch. I could get used to this.

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