Stripes in the City

I had the day off for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, and decided to take the opportunity to spend the day in New York City, just because it feels like it has been such a long time since I have been there just to explore. Luckily, Jodi was off, too, and despite the weather and some other circumstances that prevented a few other friends from coming (boo!), we had a great day. Jodi had actually been saving up stripey destinations for the next time I visited, which was AMAZING. (Also amazing: the insane Italian lunch we had, the decorations in Kate’s Paperie, the Impossible Project Space, the tiniest, fattest Moleskine ever, and a superfun dinner with Erin where we bonded mightily over rule-following.)

Anyway, here are my favorite stripes in the wild from the day:

magenta, diagonal

ribboned, sad

upholstered, fancy

tiled + houndstoothed

swirly stripes

holy stripes, you guys

stripes of texture and color at the same time!

the. best.

toothy, spraypainted

tired eyes.

reflected, arty

gold, architectural

collaged, unidentified

rainbow-ordered, pretty

stark, weathered

4 thoughts on “Stripes in the City

  1. @minty, I know, right? 🙂

    @mjb thanks so much! that’s awesome!

    @jodi thanks SO MUCH for thinking up so many cool stripey things to see! It was sooo much fun. And you saw on flickr, that one is from CB2, and I still really wish I had gotten a shot from the front of it.

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