Kickstart: 25 days

1. first signs, 2. another sign, 3. the height of cool, circa 1989, 4. ready to burst, 5. in profile (and the glow of the tv), 6. signs of life are everywhere, 7. I learned that this is called a balustrade., 8. I am really out of practice, 9. progress, little by little, 10. lights and raindrops, 11. mirrored, gilded corner, 12. opportunities are everywhere, 13. A little hope in the gloom, 14. star magnolia, bricks, 15. shooting into the sun, 16. it’s just spaghetti, 17. yellow like sunshine, 18. quick, before it starts raining again, 19. it’s a lot easier to take photos like this when you’re the passenger, 20. leaves! green! sunshine! I can’t deal!, 21. just one, 22. awaiting their fate, 23. stripes in the sky, 24. spring can look a little like winter sometimes, 25. bagel run

I’ve been trying desperately to kickstart my creativity by (not-so-secretly) taking pictures every day, and I finished with a nice, even, square 25. (I’ve been swearing all along that I won’t do another 365 days in a row.) I did it because I missed it. And because I’d stopped taking photos of anything but beer. So I just… started. And my inspiration may be slowly coming back. (And you know, it ended totally naturally… I just didn’t feel like forcing a photo on Saturday, so I didn’t take one. I think I’ll do this again soon.)

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