Rollin' Fun

the height of cool, circa 1989

Having a birthday party at the roller rink was about as cool as it got in third grade. We’d wear smelly roller skates and skating in endless circles (except during special songs like the Ghostbusters song which had complicated choreography that everyone knew) before pizza and cake were served in the special party room. I never had a party there (not being the type to enjoy that much attention), but I went to so many.

late reservations OK for this weekend!

The rink itself closed years ago, although I’m not sure exactly how long ago it was. It has to be at least ten, maybe fifteen years ago now, but the building has stood empty since then, cheerily advertising “rollin’ fun” and birthday parties alike.

I’ve wanted to take pictures of this place since my first 365, but I’m always too chicken to park in the lot (which is on a busy highway) to take pictures properly. But I drove past a few weeks ago and noticed that it’s fenced off and the roof is caved in or being taken down. So today I drove down there and parked in the empty lot and took some pictures. I’m really glad I did.

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