Plus, Minus



  • Dry, dry, DRY itchy skin.
  • Unbearably chapped lips that are impervious to all manner of chapstick.
  • More photos of the dismantling of Shea Stadium.
  • Baseball season, you are SO FAR AWAY and I spent my evenings pining for you and the hot stove is just not fulfilling my needs any longer, SIGH.
  • Sweating the small, insignificant shit, even when I try not to.
  • Salt on the windshield.
  • Rooms that oscillate between stifling and freezing.

3 thoughts on “Plus, Minus

  1. The hockey tickets were in the TENTH ROW?!?! I was jealous before, now I actually might be consolable :(…just kidding. What 4 calendars did you get? I got three and the only one I’m truly happy with is the Cute Overload one.

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