A Photo A Day For A Year!

Day 366/366

Well holy shit, I present to you my last photo of Project 365 Year Two. I’ve been counting down, kicking and screaming the whole way, and yet it’s still hard to believe that I’m done.

Since I started the year with an homage to my first photo from round one, it seemed fitting to end the year with this, an homage to my last photo last time.

2008 was an interesting year, and this project has seen me through some rougher times to what are now awesome times. At the beginning of the year, I was still reeling from my car accident, trying to find my place in my new career, and getting out of a not-so-great place, relationship-wise. But now! I’m happier than I ever have been as a librarian, building my new career and figuring out what I like best. I’m happily living alone, even if I’m not trying as hard as I claim to learn how to cook more than just pasta. I have made so many really great friends this year (online and in real life), friends who I am beyond happy to have in my life and who have helped me through crappier times, whether they know it or not. And there’s the other matter of a burgeoning relationship, one that is very, very good and that makes me very, very happy.

But even more than that, 2008 has seen me learn even more about myself as a photographer. I know I said last time that I see the world through different eyes, and this second year of daily photos has made that even more true. I’m constantly surprised and proud of photos I’ve taken (although surely it’s still a small percentage) and as much as I’ve whined these past few months, taking photos has really become a big part of who I am and how I see myself in the world. So this dumb project may be over (again), but I can’t imagine NOT taking photos every day. They just won’t be numbered anymore.

Thank you to all of you, my flickr friends, for cheering me on, and inspiring me, and letting me copy off of you, and teaching me new ways to look at things and use my camera. And thank you to my real life friends (although the two groups overlap so much now) for following along and listening to me complain and being the subject of so many photos. And the family, too, because you have no idea how very much I love that you’ve bookmarked the link to my photos just so you can look in at what I’m doing.

And because I couldn’t resist more statistics, here’s Project 365: 2008, by the numbers:
12 photos of stripes
31 photos of me
45 photos of food
11 photos of beer
32 photos taken in or of my car
6 photos of tea
21 photos of flowers
6 baseball or Mets related photos
16 photos of shoes
32 photos of the sky
7 photos of fall colors
9 photos of holiday lights
8 photos taken in New York City

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