Margaritas with a Slightly Different Shape

I have a bit of a secret: since I’ve started cooking and baking and actually being successful, I’m starting to have this itch to try new and more difficult things. So when I decided to make cookies this weekend, I consulted my bulging folders of starred recipes in google reader and See, even though I didn’t really cook until a few months ago, I’ve been reading food blogs for years, saving any recipe that looked tasty or moderately achievable. A lot of these starred recipes are from Smitten Kitchen, which is not only a really interesting food blog, but her photos are a complete inspiration, too. The recipe I decided to try was her modified recipe for Margarita Cookies, because I LOVE margaritas, and I was intrigued about how a cookie with tequila, lime, and salt would actually taste. Although I hit a few very minor speed bumps along the way (I don’t have a stand mixer and thus had to use –gasp!– elbow grease; I couldn’t find sanding sugar and bought organic sugar instead; baking at my mom’s house, I used up all of her all-purpose flour and had to substitute some cake flour thanks to the advice of good ol’ Joy of Cooking; it was so very humid yesterday that the dough was nearly impossible to roll out; I got caught up in the Mets game and nearly forgot about the last batch in the oven), the cookies turned out SO GOOD. I mean, even the warm citrusy smell that filled the kitchen as the cookies baked was delectable. And even though I thought I was attempting something more difficult, they were really quite easy in the end. The cookies were also a big hit at work, so I may have to make these again.

3 thoughts on “Margaritas with a Slightly Different Shape

  1. Um…those look insanely good. So good that I went straight to Smitten Kitchen, which I had never heard of, and saw the S’MORES PIE on the front page. I am now just a little bit in love with that site, and since I’m having a sorta kinda crappy day I may just go home and make that pie for the sheer delight of playing with marshmallows. Yee-ha!

  2. The cookies were super easy, too, which is always a complete bonus as far as I’m concerned. And if you do try out the smores pie, you HAVE to tell me how it turns out, because I definitely drooled over that one as well. 🙂

  3. I have to say, having been lucky enough to get to raid a lovely, be-ribboned gift bag full of these cookies, they are OUTRAGEOUSLY scrumptious! Thanks so much for making these, and for posting the source of the recipe!

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