Tickle Me Pink

The bubblegum pink crayons are fun, and even more so because there’s no shortage in my archives. This week’s shot was of a local cake store that is in a giant pink house with pink trim. How could I pass up an excuse to head over there to take pictures? I couldn’t. The second is a shot from early spring taken with my favorite film camera (the AE-1), and the rest are older shots that I like quite a lot.

June 17, 2010

April gorgeousness

April 12, 2010

February 22, 2010

September 28, 2008

Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple was hard to find last week, but I wonder if that’s a bit more because I seem to have adopted a serendipity-style approach to the sixty-four colors photo project: I just live my regular life waiting for the proverbial apple to fall and hit me on the head. I did find some good ones in the archives; it’s such a happy color.

June 10, 2010

surf boards

March 8, 2010

March 4, 2010


Last week’s color for sixty-four colors was black, and I was resisting the temptation all week to post a new photo of my black chucks. And then I spotted some black-centered gerber daisies at the grocery store, and decided to go all outside-the-box with it. Just to be contrary. Of course, I’m only realizing now that I forgot to post it to the group pool, but that’s okay. I had a lot of fun archived shots of black items, although it’s a trickier photo subject than you’d expect.

not where you'd expect to find it

magic hour chucks

more details

well you know by now how much I like to label things...

out with the old, in with the new

November 13, 2008

February 13, 2008

Blue Green

Blue green is a pretty fantastic color, and I found it where I least expected to this week. The third shot is a gratuitous shot from the cruise we went on in 2007, because it goes without saying that the Caribbean is every color blue you can imagine – blue green, robin’s egg blue, pacific blue, cerulean, blue, sky blue – and I love an excuse to look at those photos as often as possible.

May 24, 2010

May 26, 2010



Orchid was last week’s color, and I was kind of surprised to find it on the first day, right in my apartment. The yarn and granny squares shot is one of my favorites in a while. Plus, the granny squares are a current obsession anyway. Orchids always make me think of the prom, because I had a black and white dress and was totally set on having red flowers for my corsage… until my date informed me he’d gotten a dark green vest. Hopes of matching and contrasty goodness dashed! Until I saw the corsage he got me… gorgeous, unique, stunning orchids from Chinatown. Sure showed me. I don’t know if I have a photo, but those were the prettiest orchids ever.

May 17, 2010


I. Love. Orchids.

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna, one of the enigmatic brown crayons, was last week’s color for the sixty-four colors project. I had a few back up options in mind, but then I saw that my fellow group members were bringing their A games… and resolved to look a little harder. And lo and behold, I found some burnt sienna in the parking lot at Lowe’s, where the white parking lot lines had turned rusty thanks to the nearby rusty shopping cart corral. I did not find nearly as much burnt sienna in the archives, but I found some close ones all the same. I love how this project makes me look at things with new eyes.

May 13, 2010

February 27, 2010

mirrored, gilded corner

May 23, 2007


Scarlet is yet another tricky color for the sixty-four colors project, because it’s a really nice reddish orange, but my mental image of scarlet is a much more vivid, deep red. I thought I wasn’t going to find any good shots to match the ones from the archives that I really love, but an impromptu photo walk around my apartment building turned up scarlet right outside my door!

peanut butter m&ms save the day in more ways than one

scarlet railing

April 29, 2010

January 2, 2010

October 21, 2009

October 8, 2009

Carnation Pink

Carnation pink came around in sixty-four colors just in time for cherry blossoms, and even though I still can’t stop taking pictures of cherry blossoms, I didn’t want to make a cherry blossom shot my official posted-to-the-group shot this week. But I found a lot of carnation pink in the archives, and seeing it all together is exactly why this project is so damn much fun.

and since we're already in the candy aisle...

the best kind of sour pink

April 16, 2010

bagels for lunch and some cherry blossoms

master bathroom, also slated for remodel