2017 in seconds

I started documenting our lives using the 1 Second Everyday app in February, and I couldn’t have known then how much would happen this past year. It was the hardest year I can ever remember, for so many reasons, and this project made it so much easier to remember how much there is in our lives that is still so, so good. I’ll be forever grateful to it for that reason. It’s crazy how something that sounds so simple and small- one second of video every day, all mashed together at the end- can be so happy and hopeful and wonderful. I’ve shared each month’s video as I made them, but wanted to save the full video here for posterity. It’s absolutely astounding how much can change in a year, and I can’t wait to continue this project in 2018!

5 thoughts on “2017 in seconds

  1. I got the app a few days ago (well, Jan 1, no surprise) because I’ve been wanting to try it and I like seeing your months on IG. I’m feeling a bit dumb about the app….. Do you take your video snip in the app each day, or just make sure to remember to take a video each day with the regular camera on your phone? I feel like it’s very easy but I don’t quite have it down yet

    • hooray! you’re going to have so much fun with it! I tend to take my videos outside of the app, using my regular camera app. the hardest thing at first is remembering to take the video landscape vs portrait. you can have the app remind you to take the clip each day, which I find helpful too. the other thing I’ll admit is that I was WAY less strict about this than I ever was about project 365. there were days I missed, or I just didn’t like any of the videos I ended up with, and I’d fill in with a video from a different day. I think I was able to fill in using a clip from the same week, most of the time, or I’d decide “I need another one from me working this week” and catch up that way. I think that flexibility, at least for me, has helped me stick with it for sure.

      • a reminder from the app will be great! And I like it very much that you weren’t too strict with yourself. You’ll be able to see on Feb 1 how I did trying it out this first month!

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