Ben in March


One of Ben’s new favorite games involves launching himself back and forth across the couch, often in search of the remote. Here you can see the tiny hunter triumphant with his prey.


Ben spends a LOT of his time standing at what we’re calling his “work benches” – aka any surface he can stand next to (the ottomans, the couch, the side tables, etc). He’ll stand there with whatever his toy of the day is, smash it on the table, drop it, squat to pick it up, repeat.


Ben is OBSESSED with Luna, and spends a lot of time chasing her around the house, which is adorable (especially because she never runs very far, thereby encouraging Ben). I sometimes imagine them being BFFs when he’s older and kind of can’t handle how much I love it.


This kid doesn’t really like to stay in once place anymore, and his current favorite place to play is the kitchen. He loves pushing the chairs around and playing behind the curtains.

In 2015, I’m taking a picture of Ben each week with my real camera.


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