17. Get a cat

I’ve wanted a cat pretty much my whole life. It was never in the cards when I was a kid, as my dad has never made it a secret that he’s not the biggest fan of cats. (He used to tell me that he wouldn’t come visit me if I grew up and get a cat… but I never believed him on that one anyway.) Not having ever had one, I have no idea where this came from. My grandparents had cats for a long time, but they certainly weren’t especially nice or cuddly. In fact, Lydia scratched my sister once badly enough to create a cat-dislike almost as strong as my dad’s… and my brother and Smokey had a standoff on the basement stairs that he still remembers clearly to this day.


My cat-longing grew stronger when I started dating Dan and spending a lot of time at the apartment he shared with his brother. Their cat, Bluecat, is a strange, particular, overgrown kitten who is pretty much the best cat I’ve known. Even if he so prefers Dave that he almost never sat in my lap in the years I visited every other weekend. But he’s very posey, and I have taken quite a few photos of him over the years. (We do still have visiting rights with Bluecat, now that he lives with Dan’s brother and his fiance.)

Dan and I figured we’d get a cat once we moved in together… until our landlord specifically ruled out cats. So we pushed it back to whenever we found a house. (And I added it to my 33 Before 33 list.) As soon as we started the house-buying process, I started pestering Dan about when we could get a kitten. (Even though it would probably be an easier transition if we adopted an adult cat… I really wanted the experience and cuteness of a kitten.) We figured we should wait to get settled… and then we found out I was pregnant. We wondered a bit (and were told by some family and friends) if we were a bit crazy for adopting a kitten knowing we’d have a baby in a few months … but in the end neither of us could resist.


We visited a local shelter, and met the kitten we’d eventually adopt there. She was the first kitten we saw, and she was scarily small. They said she was three months old, but she was about the same size as some other kittens who were MUCH younger than that. She was impossibly sweet though. We filled out some paperwork, but left it at that, because we were worried she was sick. Not to mention the fact that she was gray, and Dan had just had a gray cat.

A few weeks went by, and with Thanksgiving and the beginning of December, we really didn’t have time to visit the shelter again to see if they had any new kittens. And then one morning, I got a call from them, saying that the little gray kitten was going to the vet that day, and she’d be available to take home the following day. And we were first on the (lengthy) waiting list for her. We honestly had no idea that we had formally applied to adopt her… but we saw it as a sign from the Universe that she was meant to be ours.

We brought her home two days later and named her Luna.


She’s still impossibly tiny, although they confirm that she’s about four months old. She has acclimated to us and our house fairly quickly. We had a scare a few days after we brought her home, and worried ourselves sick for a day and a half. It turned out she had a tiny kitten upper respiratory infection, which has cleared up very quickly with some antibiotics. She was back to attack-snuggle-attack mode within a day, and it was such a relief.

our Christmas kitten

She has wormed her way into our hearts pretty thoroughly, that’s for sure.

She gallops around the house, purrs louder than I thought possible, and went on a hunger strike until we realized it was just that she doesn’t like turkey-flavored kitten food, thankyouverymuch. She doesn’t meow, but stares at you and finally emits the tiniest squeak. She is a fan of snuggle-attacking, in which you think she’s there to snuggle nicely, and she’s really waiting for a good moment to start stabbing you through your jeans with her various pointy ends. And we both totally love it. In fact, it’s probably more accurate to say that we’re total suckers… but that’s okay too.

she fits in the pouch of a hoodie!
(she currently fits in the pouch of a sweatshirt AND doesn’t hate us for trying this so… I kinda think she might be the best ever.)

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