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They said it would rain today, and instead it’s sunny and warmer than it’s been in what feels like forever. This has been a winter of celebrations and big changes, changes that are exciting and have made me so happy, but still. The idea of warmth and longer, brighter days and the fresh start that spring brings is irresistible. Even if it’s been anything but spring-like up until, you know, today. I’ve got my gold shoes and my rainbow pants ready, so it had better stick around.

I’ve been feeling kind of … totally overwhelmed the past few weeks, with all of the Life Thinking and Planning Dan and I have been doing. It’s amazing to be talking about things and have them be so much closer to real, rather than just “one day in the future after we’re married”, and it’s so exciting… but it’s also kind of completely nuts, too. I am and have always been someone who thinks WAY TOO MUCH, and wants to be able to plan everything as much as humanly possible. Maybe more than that, even. I think the hardest part about it is that Dan and I just spent an entire year planning a wedding – a day in which every detail can and will be planned out down to the color of the napkins. And now we’re talking about buying a house and maybe having kids eventually, and neither of those things are all that plan-able, other than deciding how much you want to spend and where you hope you can find a house you both like, and hoping it’s not too difficult to get pregnant. (And then you realize you just said the word pregnant on the internet and you feel even WEIRDER. I read about this stuff on other blogs, not mine.)

So, you know. Life. And stuff. Gold shoes and baseball and hoping everything blossoms soon so I can go take some photos is just so much simpler. But it’s sunny and warm today, and we’re going to look at a bunch of houses tomorrow (it’ll be like House Hunters! Except in real life! Should we be bitchy and unreasonable about granite countertops? Or stainless steel appliances?) and I think I’ll take a walk and feel the breeze.

(here’s a song that makes me happy:)

One thought on “Currents

  1. Ooh, fun, househunting! So jealous. 🙂 Make sure you mention that you need a lot of space “for entertaining” too! Haha. 🙂

    Re: pregnancy (ps, still weird for me, even after the fact!): we realized it’s a squeaky wheel kind of situation–you only ever hear about people who had difficulty. When for the majority of people, it is not so difficult. 🙂

    Yay for new Life Developments! 🙂

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