Wedding Wednesday: Tidbits

  • trying to remember to keep taking deep breaths
  • realizing the hugeness that is our project to write our own vows
  • irrationally afraid that I’ll break my arm in the next 11 days
  • looking forward to visiting Grandmother tomorrow (she said she has something for me for the wedding; what could it be?)
  • belatedly (too latedly) wondering if I should have planned to get myself a sweater or wrap or bolero or something
  • grinning when I realize I can actually start to picture everything coming together
  • still amazed at how no big deal it was to apply for our marriage license today
  • kind of tired of driving all over the county to find the random things we need
  • marveling at the fact that we can say “our wedding is next week”
  • figuring it’s probably time to write the lists of what we need to bring to the brewery for the reception (and what I need to pack to bring to the hotel for the rehearsal and the wedding itself)
  • hoping I can handle being the temporary guardian of several important “something old” and “something borrowed”s.
  • living in fear of the day the ten day forecast becomes available
  • feeling a lot calmer than I thought I would at this stage in the game
  • secretly trying on my wedding band in the evenings
  • trying to get used to my new name but feeling silly practicing my soon-to-be signature
  • gathering photos for my makeup and hair trials on Friday
  • anticipating a weekend of crafts and diy projects
  • really just in disbelief and amazement that this is all really happening.

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