So This is the New Year

Somehow, 2012 was both awesome and difficult. It will forever go down as the year we got engaged and planned our wedding, the year my sister and Dan’s sister got married, the year of the hurricane, the year I went back to my old job. Big Change and Life Events together manage to be super exciting and super stressful at the same time, and it has been hard, sometimes, to focus on the fun parts instead of being weighed down by the nitty gritty details and compromises and maybe you can’t always have it the way you wants, and no you can’t know everything in advance.

So 2012 was crazy and exactly what I expected and yet not what I expected at all. It was kind of exhausting, to be honest. I’m not really all that sad to see it go, mostly because I really, really can’t wait for the things that 2013 has in store.

Starting the year off by marrying Dan is so impossible to conceptualize and wait wait I need more time and also I can’t WAIT for it to be here.

I felt compelled this year for the first time ever to jump on the “one little word” bandwagon. At the end of an exhausting year, having an intention for this new year feels important to me. I signed up for Ali Edwards’s One Little Word class, and I’m really looking forward to it. I chose moment for 2013 – to remind me to pause, to be in the moment, to really savor the momentous things 2013 has in store. It has been too easy this past year to let myself focus on the stress, on the tired, on the “when will my time be mine again?”. I know that things may not ACTUALLY slow down for us this year, with house hunting and who knows what else on our horizon, but I’m looking forward to figuring out what our new normal will be. And to making an effort to enjoy all of the big and little moments 2013 may bring.

Happy, happy new year, dudes.

3 thoughts on “So This is the New Year

  1. I am excited for One Little Word too. I just finished working on the month cards for today, and it made me realize that I am most looking forward to soaking up ME time with this project. 🙂

  2. I kind of hope you never stop saying “dude”. I love that idea of choosing one word for the year. I remember wanting last year to be “nurture” but I might reuse it again this year. I’m really excited for you and Dan and the start of your marriage!

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