it's bokeh season, y'all!!!!
159.365 :: lights and bricks
December 27, 2008
holiday bokeh at hibachi
Carlos O'Connors bokeh!
I’d apologize for the bokehsposion but … I don’t care. It’s making me veeeery happy on a gloomy Friday afternoon and I hope looking at it makes you happy, too. It has been a pretty quick week, and I’ll take it, because like last weekend (did I mention that my bridal shower was last weekend? It was AMAZING and perfect and so, so fun. I promise I’ll write about it next week once I have my hands on pictures), this weekend is chock-full of fun, happy stuff.

I got a surprising amount of crafting done this week, between a night of Twilight on dvd while Dan played computer games and scoffed at the tv, and two nights of Dan working until 11:30pm. It felt a little bit like the olden days of living by myself, and as much as I love Dan and having him to snuggle with, I did also really dig living alone.

Speaking of reminiscing, I actually posted some photos to flickr today, and then I got lost in a black hole of my old photos. For example, I had a fun time looking back at my 30 days of shoes at the end of my 3rd year of daily photos, and was retroactively impressed with the creativity in some of those shots. (NOT all of them. heh.) I really need to try to get back into flickr, just as an unofficial online photo diary. I’ve been using it since 2005 and can’t tell you how often I go there first to figure out where I was in my life. So if I just … trail off using it, there also goes the online record. (Even if it’s just for myself.) I’m still taking and printing photos (hellooooo Project Life), but just not cross-posting them to flickr because so much of the community that I used to love there has migrated to instagram and twitter and facebook. I dunno.

We’ve started tallying wedding rsvps, which is really exciting. We’re sad to learn when people can’t make it (although I was honestly afraid wayyyy more would be unable to join us, just because: winter. Sunday. Lots of people who don’t live in central NJ), but I can’t tell you how heartwarming it is to see how people bedazzle their invitations, either by adding hearts or exclamation points or decorating the envelopes (or filling them with glitter! I’m so stealing that one) or writing sweet messages on the back or even just simply adding a few words like “can’t wait”. It really, really brings the happy heart back to the process to remember: DUH you idiot, you invited the people you love best in the world to this wedding, and at the worst, you get a smaller portion of those same favoritest people to be there to celebrate a Huge Life Event with you. Yeah, the to do list drags you down, but HELLO it’s going to be SO FUN. (I’m a little dense, sometimes.)

My brother’s birthday is tomorrow, so we’ve got some cool stuff planned this weekend to celebrate with him, and I’m looking forward to even something simple like my immediate family all being together. I’m not sure the last time that happened, since we spent Thanksgiving with Dan’s side this year.

I leave you with this bit of AMAZINGNESS, because as much as I love Bing Crosby and his true, unarguable Christmas classics (every year I swoon a little when I hear the first few notes of Bing. Love. Him.), this song has been one of my absolute favorites forEVER. It makes me think of my sister and living with Amy in college, and this version is just so … cheery.

One thought on “Currents

  1. Yay for fairy light season for all that happy-making bokeh!
    I totally agree with you about flickr–even if a lot of the community isn’t there anymore, it’s so worthwhile to have so many photos and memories in one place. I love looking back to see what was happening on random days in years past!
    Very exciting about the rsvp’s coming in! You are going to have such an amazing wedding with all your best people!

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