Project Life: October

I’m finally mostly caught up with putting together my Project Life pages, and I can’t say I’m any less excited about it. I got a lot of these October pages done during the hurricane, and a few evenings here and there. It really is pretty nice to be mostly caught up. Shocker, right?

Anyway, October was filled with football and chipping away at our wedding plans. Week 19 in particular was full of wedding plans, which means a lot more journaling than photos.

Project Life: October

Project Life: October
We took a Friday afternoon to visit the ceremony location for the first time since we booked it, as well as to head over to the brewery for our tasting. This was absolutely insert-worthy, because I had a lot to say, even if I didn’t have too many photos. It was so strange to be sitting there in the brewery eating food and saying “yes, this is what we will serve to our guests on our wedding day” except… the food is really, really good… so it was fairly easy to get past that and just get to the excitement part of the process.

Project Life: October
I went to the Rutgers football game that Saturday, so the back of the insert includes a bunch of photos from the tailgate, a page from the Gameday newspaper, and my ticket, of course.

Project Life: October
I actually had run out of glossy photo paper by this week (printing at home before the hurricane power outage also meant I couldn’t quickly restock, and I was on too much of a roll to wait), and I’m happy that you can’t really tell much of a difference between the glossy and the matte photo paper once the pages are assembled. I prefer the glossy because it’s a little weightier, and I find it WAY faster to print directly onto 4×6 pages rather than laying out a full letter-sized sheet and having to cut it down. The workflow just … works a little better for me, and it’s nice to know that, I guess.

Project Life: October
During week 20, we had (almost all of) Dan’s siblings over for the first time, and it was such a fun day. Dan was sick for most of the rest of the week, so we had subs and just relaxed. I also included two quote cards from my boss and coworkers because they were too funny to skip. I also am really jazzed about the “so much fun” stamp, which is from Carrie‘s shop (and which I found out about thanks to my obsessive stalking of the #projectlife hashtag on Instagram.)

Project Life: October
The big things during week 20, though, were getting to the “100 days until the wedding” milestone, and Dan’s nephew’s first birthday. I took a ton of photos at the party, and it was way too hard to choose my favorites, so I just used them all, as well as the party invitation.

Project Life: October
Lots of relationship milestones very close together in October: our four year anniversary was on October 14, and somehow, Dan and I ended up with the day to ourselves, which has been unheard of this year as wedding planning kicks into gear. We went apple and pumpkin picking and it was the absolute best.

Project Life: October
The right side documents the wedding invitation assembly line, the return of Walking Dead, a mall meltdown, Dan’s sister’s bachelorette party, the only pretty shot of foliage that I have for the year, and the tags from an entire day’s worth of tea consumption.

Project Life: October
And finally, week 22 (the week before things got really crazy): we finished the wedding invitations, and more importantly, we went to an Oktoberfest-themed beer dinner at a local restaurant. I had to include the menu, because the food was insanely good. (I actually retyped this because I didn’t like the font/design of the actual menu. I’m snooty like that about fonts.)

Project Life: October
This might be one of my favorite pages of Project Life so far, all photos from the Homecoming Rutgers football game.

And that’s October, folks. Project Life, you’re pretty much the best.

3 thoughts on “Project Life: October

  1. I absolutely adore your Project Life posts! I know I have no hope of ever being very crafty, but I have to ask: How do you cut all of your pictures so perfectly? Each one has the same rounded corner!

    • Thanks, Megan! It’s so fun knowing that other people like seeing it, because sometimes I feel silly posting it haha.

      And never fear, I am IN NO WAY that coordinated. I have a magical Corner Rounder: that does the hard work for me. Basically, I print most things on 4×6 paper so all I have to do is round the corners. It’s a total pain, but I love how it looks so I’ll probably stick with it for next year, too. (And whenever I try to round corners by hand it looks like crap lol.)

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