Project Life: September

The first few days of quiet at home while Dan was at work (due to Hurricane Sandy) gave me lots of time to both catch up on Project Life and take photos of the pages that were already done in the daylight. Here are my pages from September, and I like to think I’m getting a little better at not over-journaling and keeping things a little simpler.

Week 15 was my first week at my new job, which was nerve-wracking but ultimately really exciting.
Project Life: September
I used a clear overlay on the back of last week’s scalloped card to take advantage of the fun shape. I’m trying to be a little more purposeful in how I chose papers and colors each week, so there’s a little more cohesion.

Project Life: September
More Walking Dead, a supermarket on the way home from work, and stripes galore thanks to some washi tape.

Week 16 included a Mets game, which naturally had to get a full page and part of an insert.
Project Life: September
(Have you guessed that full page sports photos are one of my very favorites yet?) It was such a perfect day.

Project Life: September
The front of the insert, featuring some of my favorite shots from Citi Field (including the one I was smart enough to take of the scoreboard before the end of the game to document the score and the fact that the game wen to extra innings!)

Project Life: September
The back of the insert, featuring some new job details, and a section of the campus map with Elise‘s “You are Here” stamp, which I love.

Project Life: September
Lots of pink on the right side, which documents our first shot at registering (you know I was all over that Crate&Barrel bag the moment I saw it!), a visit with my best friend from high school, and another best friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party.

Week 17 didn’t feature a lot of photos, but I tried to make up for it with color and pattern.
Project Life: September

Project Life: September
I bought some Project Life textured cardstock in both 4×6 and 3×4 sizes, and have already found it incredibly handy. This page also features some more Ormolu flare and one of my newest stamps from Elise‘s shop.

Week 18 was a lot busier, and I had lots of photos to include.
Project Life: September
Once I started using Instagram to document the parking deck that I now park in each day, I knew it had to be a series in Project Life, and I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.

Project Life: September
The front of this week’s insert, with photos I took when my family went out to dinner to (belatedly) celebrate our July (me and Dan) and September (my sister and her new husband) birthdays.

Project Life: September
The back of the insert gave me space for photos that I took at the One Pitch Tournament that my dad’s softball team ran, which Dan, my dad, and my brother all played in. It’s one of my favorite events all year, and I’m always glad to be there (even if it was for only part of the day this year).

Project Life: September
Saturday was also my cousin’s baby shower, and I really liked the invitation and insisted on including it, even if cutting it down didn’t work as nicely as I would have liked. I also had to include a photo of the hat, booties, and mittens that I crocheted all week for the new baby. I was so proud of them, and it was so great to see that my cousin was as excited about them as I was to give them.


2 thoughts on “Project Life: September

  1. These are great (as usual)! It’s funny that you said you over-journal–surely that’s not possible! More memories, more writing, those are good things, right? 🙂
    You do such a good job of keeping interesting tidbits and photo moments. It’s great inspiration. 🙂

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