#101 and Done!

Way back in January, I started a new photo project for the new year (because sixty-four colors and my third year of Project 365 weren’t enough, simultaneously): Scavenger Hunt 101. When Pookie and Schnookie suggested it, I was really skeptical. There were a lot of items on this list (a child crying, someone meditating or praying, a public display of affection… I could go on) that really didn’t inspire me at all. But I went for it anyway, and carried the master list, written in a notebook, in my bag all year. I’m really glad that I did this, now that it’s over. It got me shooting things I probably wouldn’t care so much about normally, and it really challenged me to think outside the box for some of the more pesky scavenger hunt items. I thought it would be fun to feature a few of my favorite shots from the whole set, which you can see over here, in order.

he's the best non-human creature I know
#2, the home of a non-human creature.

February 3, 2010
#6, winter.

as if there could ever be another
#15, a toy.

in repose
#23, a flower.

stripes in the (contained) wild
#45, a fish.

a few of my favorite things
#49, your favorite color.

April 13, 2010
#79, an exotic animal.

the towering oak
#80, your favorite shade-tree.

May 21, 2010
#84, the place where you eat most of your meals.

stripes in the shadows
#86, a shadow.

Is it possible to make ugly NJ Transit seats almost pleasing to the eye?
#93, a train.

see you next year!
#101, a self-portrait.

3 thoughts on “#101 and Done!

  1. I think your train picture might be one of my favorite photos on flickr ever. It still amazes me that you made a NJ Transit car look so enchanting. And that place where you eat most of your meals — the tub of cheese puffs just made me laugh out loud. How had I forgotten the tub of cheese puffs?

    Anyway, I’m SO glad that you were doing this hunt at the same time I was, because your finds were always a huge inspiration. You have such a great eye and a creative mind, and this project has been a ton of fun to watch along with you!

  2. thanks, schnookie – you guys were really inspiring to shoot alongside, and it sure made photo excursions way more fun! i had actually forgotten about that train photo, i don’t even know how i did it, which seems to be how my favorite photos come about. oh well.

    🙂 thanks jodi!

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