Dear the Beach,

There’s something about you in wintertime. Maybe it’s simply because that’s not when we’re supposed to want to visit you. But I’ve been taking trips to see you (and to take photos) in the dead of winter for years now, and since I had today off for Presidents’ Day, and there’s still so much snow on the ground, I figured why not take the trip? The truth is, I often feel a lot of pressure to use days off to find something really spectacular to take pictures of, just because I have the time to drive to wherever I want to go, and of course, the daylight. But I get into these routines, and Asbury Park has quickly become one of my most frequent photo-taking destinations. Of course, looking at these pictures, I remember why all over again.

snowy boardwalk

closed for the season

The beach in winter

chucks in the snow!

Ice cream? Maybe next time.

and a handy mirrored door for self portraits, even.

the eastern corner of Convention Hall

a little worse for wear

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. And the cold toes. And the fresh air. I kinda like you.



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