So This Is the New Year (and I Don’t Feel Any Different)

I always feel compelled to write something thoughtful and reflective at the end of the year. That feeling is amplified this year, because it’s not just the end of the year, it’s the end of the DECADE for pete’s sake. I mean, the AUGHTS! There are so many puns I aughta make. You aught to remember! UGH.

At first I was really into the idea of writing a post to sum up the decade. But then I realized that I was a freshman in college when the new millenium started, counting down to 2000 with a bit of hesitance in a living room full of my college friends, clutching a drink I’d only just decided it wasn’t an awful idea to consume, wondering if things really would go haywire, even though I firmly believed there was no way that would happen. The Aughts, as they were, consist of the entirety of my “adult life” so far, me from age 18-28. Would it really be that great to write a list of all that happened since I was 18? I graduated college. I struggled over what to do with my life. I got my first real job. I went to graduate school. I graduated. Someone (or several someones) broke my heart. I broke a few hearts, too. I fell in love. For real. I moved out of my parents’ house. I still struggle over what to do with my life sometimes. I started taking pictures. I overanalyzed things.

Anyway. I suppose what I might be doing is explaining to myself that it’s perfectly acceptable NOT to need to write a summary of everything that happened in the last ten years. But I don’t know, I remember being eight years old as the end of 1989 was approaching, and wondering what the 90s would be like.

As for 2009, it was really good. I went to Cape Cod (twice), to Pittsburgh, and to four beautiful weddings. I moved into a new apartment, even if it was only across the parking lot. I fell in love, and it’s the best thing ever, because for the first time, it’s the real thing. And I’m so happy. I don’t know. As I sit here trying to sum things up, all I can really come up with is the fact that life is pretty good right now. I have bad days, there are things that make me super cranky, and sometimes I wonder if there isn’t something else out there, somewhere. But most of the time, I’m just happy. I’ve got people to love, who love me too, and crafts and photography (and sometimes writing) to keep me busy, and I’m grateful for it. What will 2010 bring? Your guess is as good as mine. But I have a very good feeling about it.

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