Taking My Indecision to Entirely Different Websites

If you know me in person, you’re no stranger to my constant, incessant hairstyle polling. “Should I keep my hair long?” “Did you like my hair better when it was short?” “Should I get bangs?” In fact, for quite some time, a now-deleted post on this very website was the number one Google result for “Finola Hughes hairstyle” after I posted a keep it short vs. grow it long poll. Or maybe you’re more familiar with my chronicling of the length of my hair over on flickr.

So given all of that history, I’m totally psyched to share the fact that I’ve been selected as a participant on Hair Thursday! People send in photos of their hair, and Sarah and her team of readers help them decide what style they should try. It’s completely addictive, and I didn’t really ever expect to be selected.

But I was, so head on over to the post and accompanying poll on Hair Thursday and help me decide if I can pull off bangs with my long hair. This is going to be so fun.

6 thoughts on “Taking My Indecision to Entirely Different Websites

  1. @kristin Ack, last time I checked it was leaning more toward sideswept! I really can’t decide. I really, really want to get the blunt bangs, but I’m thinking I might be a little too chicken. The sideswept ones seem more like a gateway drug to bangdom. I don’t know!

  2. Ever since reading this post, I have been thinking about bangs, and looking at people’s hair. I saw some great blunt bangs today, I should have asked the girl if I could take her picture, but that seems over the top even though I sorta knew her. I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow, we’ll see what my stylist says about bangs. My hair is almost (but not quite) as long as yours, and all one length, etc. Sadly though, I only ever wear it back in a clip, because I hate having hair touch my face! I’ve just been too lazy to get it cut!

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