Plus, Minus


  • Daylight Savings Time! The sun’s still up when I’m driving home for work, and this makes me so happy. Bonus: more time to take pictures each day!
  • I cooked tonight. Sure, it was to bring in for a party at work, but hey, I cooked.
  • My aunt and uncle sent me jellybeans in the mail yesterday. Just because.
  • My brother’s home for spring break, hooray!
  • My hair has been making sense, for once.
  • I guess people say to keep busy for a reason. (Sometimes I do better than others.)


  • I’m still all backwards because of Daylight Savings Time.
  • My yogurt was frozen on Monday at lunch. Frozen solid!
  • Cooking is rather difficult when your glasses fog up with steam and you can’t see shit.
  • My hands are so dry they are cracked and it huuuurts, dude. It’s not so cold anymore, what’s the deal?
  • I want to write more but I am too paranoid about the fact that I have nothing interesting or funny to say.

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