Dearest Subaru,

We got into an accident on Wednesday, a pretty scary one. I didn’t see it coming, but I suppose that’s why they call it getting blindsided. Because that’s what happened – an SUV hit us on the driver’s side, spinning us almost 3/4 of the way around. Your entire driver’s side is crushed, the windows shattered, the roof buckled.. but I walked away with only an unimpressive bruise on my elbow. I’ve never been in an accident worse than a fender bender before, and I’ve never been happier that I chose you when I was looking for a new car two years ago.

I didn’t know you had side curtain airbags or a reinforced body, just that Subaru Legacys get five star government crash test ratings year after year. Those things are the reason I’m not a bloody mess right now.

I visited you at the autobody shop yesterday, and it was a shock to see you all broken. I was so glad my dad was with me, because seeing how damaged you are hammered it into my head yet again that I am really fucking lucky. I don’t know what’s going to happen to you now. I don’t know if you’ll be in the shop for a few weeks, or if they will even be able to fix you at all. I will be so sad if I have to get a new car, but I’ll tell you this much: I’m getting another Subaru, without any hesitation.

I’m still a bit shaken up over the whole ordeal, and now I’ve got to think about things like renting a car, finding money for my insurance deductible or even a new car… but the only thing that matters is that I’m okay. I’m totally fine, and that’s because of you. Thank you for saving my life.


4 thoughts on “Dearest Subaru,

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