Can we go back today? How about tomorrow?

Just before first pitch

I’m surprised I slept at all on Friday night. I was that excited. Like a little kid, really. We took the 9:15 train, and then the subway. We got to the stadium about two hours before game time, and when we got there, they weren’t even letting anyone in yet. Luckily, we didn’t have to stand in the sun for all that long before we got to go inside. The 7 train is an elevated train, so we could see the stadium as we got closer and closer. It’s really strange to see something in person after seeing it on TV for years, that’s for sure.

Our seats were great – just past the foul pole in right field, in the first level above field level. They were also in the shade, and we got this breeze that was perfect. Once I got past the fact that some of the people who were at the game were just weird, plain and simple, it was amazing to be in among throngs of people who were just as excited to be there as I was (well, for the most part). We walked around the stadium a bit, and got some ridiculously awesome hot dogs and a beer that came in an aluminum bottle plastered with Mets logos. In retrospect, we totally should have gone to the Clubhouse Store before the game started (we certainly had more than enough time), because we didn’t get a chance to at all. We didn’t want to miss any of the game to go (hell, we missed the entire fifth inning waiting in line for beers), and by the time the game was over, they had the doors locked and closed, and they would only let people into the store when someone else came out. (Which, actually, is probably a really efficient system, but we didn’t want to wait in the line.)

The game itself was a good one to see in person. They were behind for a lot of the game, and then came back in really exciting fashion in the sixth inning. There’s something to be said for being there, living it, jumping out of your seat to yell and cheer along with thirty thousand other people who are also jumping around and screaming their heads off. I can’t even IMAGINE what a playoff game would be like. Wow. When they scored their runs to retake the lead, we got so excited that we were jumping up and down, and while I was sort of nervous that I was going to spill my beer, I found that I really didn’t care very much about that after all. THAT is why it’s so much fun to be there. Because you just don’t care if your beer gets spilled, for one day in your life.

After the game, we walked down to field level and got to look out on the field from the home plate area, which was just as cool. While the logistics of season tickets sort of baffle me (don’t people have jobs that they have to go to? It takes a lot of time to get there and back), I can completely understand why people do it.

Plus, we had dinner at Chipotle, which would be worth paying for a train ticket all by itself.

It was a great day.

Here is a slideshow of all the pictures.

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